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Elsie is a 1985 Land Cruiser that I bought in 1992 from the original owners, an older couple in the Southern California mountains. 40,000 miles, very clean and absolutely no rust. It was my family driver for several years before the demands (!) of our 4x4TV show required(?) that we project it ;-)

So as a 5 part series for the then TV show we added all the good stuff, ARB front and rear bumpers, an ARB roof rack, OME lift along with a Manfree shackle reversal. To that we added a classic Warn winch, ARB lockers, and then re-geared the differentials when we added the added 33" tires.

Those modifictions proved to make this an even better off-road rig. It is incredibly smooth over the rough stuf and has proven perfectly reliable as well.

We also added a bigger, more powerful alternator, under-hood welder, as well as a new exhaust and cat converter.

Next up: For our next video we'll be going over those mods on our Project Elsie and then we'll have a couple more things we'd like to add like new seats or seat covers and a set of rock sliders.

Installing White Knuckle Sliders
on our beloved FJ60 Elsie
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60
Installing RotopaX Fuel & Water Packs
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60 - Elsie Part 1 of 5
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60 - Elsie Part 2 of 5
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60 - Elsie Part 3 of 5
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60 - Elsie Part 4 of 5
PROJECT Land Cruiser FJ60 - Elsie Part 5 of 5