EASTER JEEP SAFARI April 16th - 24th, 2011

REGISTRATION: To register for the next Easter Jeep Safari Event you must fill out the official form. Please click here to request your name be added to the mailing list to receive the official Easter Jeep Safari Paper in which the 2011 Registration Form is located. This is the only method to register before the event at this time - once you receive the paper, you can then cut out the form, fill it out, and mail it in with the appropriate accompanying payment. There are complete details on the policies and cancellations in the Safari Paper. (View 2010 Paper Online)

In brief, this is what happens: After you send your registration materials to us, we must figure out who gets on what trails. Most trails have been filling to specified limits in recent years, so our priority system becomes important to you.

We do not accept any registrations until complete information on trail schedules, descriptions, and difficulty ratings is published in the Safari Paper. The only people getting ahead of the priority system will be our trail guides.

The registration will use a lottery system to determine priorities for those who register promptly. Because the timing of newspaper deliveries is not the same for everyone, we open a "window" during which all registrants are given an equal chance for trail choices through a random drawing. This lottery period also helps people who need to organize group choices. Our lottery has worked well for everyone except those who were unlucky at the draw.

A lottery system will be used to set priorities during the first few weeks after the newspaper is mailed (in January). All registrations will be considered equally until the lottery is completed. Registration applications received at our PO Box after that date will be considered on a first postmark first served basis for remaining spaces. Registration applications received during the lottery period will be drawn randomly to determine priority in getting preferred trail choices; the lucky draws will get their first choice assignments. As trails become filled, it may be necessary for us to go down your list of preferences to consider your second third etc. choices. Registrations received after the lottery date will be assigned to trails still having spaces available after the lottery.

Mailing of the Jeep Safari newspaper is usually done each January and is specific for each years Click here to request newspaper safari. You may want to consider making travel arrangements at your earliest convenience as the available hotel motel and campground fill up quickly.

Note: There may be trails available at the time of the event, you can check at the registration desk at the Spanish Trail Arena during the hours they are staffed to inquire as to the last minute availability. There are no registrations at the trailhead line up.